Our ordained interfaith clergy receive and maintain “Good Standing” status through The ChI Interfaith Community, which endorses annual Clergy in Good Standing (CIGS) for professional functioning as celebrants, ministers, and chaplains. Our ordained clergy who maintain good standing annually are also recognized by the U.S. Government and may claim clergy tax status for income tax reporting. Each year our clergy must renew their status through a process that confirms that they are continuing to learn and grow spiritually. This status follows a calendar year and must be renewed each fall.

Choose from four levels for your Clergy in Good Standing Renewal:

  • CIGS Basic: $200 USD this level covers about the cost of being a clergy member in good standing
  • CIGS Plus: $250 USD this level offers support for colleagues with fewer financial resources
  • CIGS Supported: $100 USD this level is for anyone who has fewer financial resources (coupon code available below for further discount)
  • CIGS Emeritus: $75 USD for those of our beloved clergy who are retired from professional ministry and wish to maintain their status

Your CIGS renewal comes with an ecologically friendly PDF letter of confirmation of your good standing.

We are offering additional confirmation items for purchase:

  • an ID badge with your name and photo showing your good standing $15
  • a wallet card showing your good standing $15
  • a certificate to display showing your good standing $10

Use THIS FORM to complete a purchase of additional items. The link to purchase additional items will be available in your confirmation email or as well.

If you need a printed confirmation letter mailed to your home, please let the Community Minister know.

If financial need is a barrier to renewing your status please use coupon code CIGS_WAIVED at the end of the renewal form to waive the fee.

Clergy in Good Standing Basic
$200 for access until December 31, 2022
Clergy in Good Standing Plus
$250 for access until December 31, 2022
Emeritus Clergy in Good Standing
$75 for access until December 31, 2022