ChI Spiritual Directors

ChI Spiritual Directors are people who have graduated from the ChI Spiritual Direction Program 

ChI Spiritual Directors also agree to:

  • Continue to be in supervision, either individually or group supervision
  • Adhere to the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct as complied by Spiritual Directors International

This form and fee invites both connection with the community and a directory listing on the ChI website.


  • ChI Spiritual Director –  Basic: $50 USD this level covers about the cost of having your profile in our directory on the ChI website.
  • ChI Spiritual Director –  Plus: $75 USD this level offers support for colleagues with fewer financial resources.
  • ChI Spiritual Director – Supported: $25 USD this level is for anyone who has fewer financial resources (coupon code available below for further discount)

If financial need is a barrier please use coupon code SD_WAIVED at the end of the renewal form to waive the fee.

Spiritual Directors Basic
$50 for access until January 1, 2024
Spiritual Directors Plus
$75 for access until January 1, 2024
Spiritual Directors Supported
$25 for access until January 1, 2024