Sweet Surrender


Sweet Surrender by Rev. Leslie Boies, M.A. June 2010 "As-salamu ‘alaykum." Peace be upon you. "Wa ‘alaykum as –salam." And upon you peace. This is the greeting the Prophet Muhammed taught his followers to use. Today this greeting is exchanged millions of times each day throughout the Muslim world. Rev. Leslie Boies

Apology for Atheology


Apology for Atheology by Rev. Rachel Findley June 2009  “all ignorance toboggans into know then trudges up to ignorance again; but winter's not forever, even snow melts; and if spring should spoil the game, what then?” (e e cummings) Chaplain Rachel Findley My theology—what and how I think about God, if



Simple by Rev. William Sewall, JD Sermon delivered at the September 20, 2014 CHI Ordination Rev. William Sewall As my friends and family will verify, I love to think, to ponder the complexities of life and look for answers where seemingly none are present. But the real mystery of life rests

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