Answering the Call

by Rev. Jennifer Howard

June 2009

Rev. Jen Howard

Like plants reaching for the light, we are all answering the call. By some instinct do we feel our way through life, trying to draw closer to the fulfillment of some un-named mission that is ours alone in the great cosmic scheme.

All of life has an internal compass for navigating the course to a satisfying destiny. I am speaking of a satisfaction that is beyond the personal gains of security and self-interest. I’m speaking of the expansive satisfaction of spirit having delivered its gifts. Life is a gift. And by it we are meant to make a gift, thereby contributing to the beautification of the expanding universe.

Can you feel your compass—pulling you when you need to correct course, and restoring balance when all is in right alignment? Sometimes we lose touch with our natural instinct and we give way to external persuasions of expectation and temporal definitions of success. But spirit and nature are one. If we abdicate our nature, our instinct, our own internal compass, we will feel lost – no matter how much we dress it as ’success’.

In answering the call, we are equipped with yet another instrument to guide us. It is a listening device—an antenna for receiving the distinct frequency signal that is ours alone to hear. When we meditate or pray, it is extended. And when we watch TV or take pleasure in gossip, it becomes as inverted as most belly buttons, and about as receptive as a listening device. All the same, these instruments remain at our disposal.

Let me ask you; what would it feel like to be who your spirit came here to be? Are you there yet? Are you close? What would it take to reveal your potential unbound? Does something need to be shorn up? Does something need to be torn down? Is there a scattering that need reclamation? Is there a discouragement that has faltered you from faith?

So it is to be human…  But so, too, does the human seed house the spirit of great potential. Remember who you came here to be, and do what you need to do. No one else can play the part that is singularly yours.

In closing, I ask that you close your eyes now. Place your left hand on your heart. Raise your right hand to the true north above…

May your heart be your compass and may your faith be your antenna,
receiving the frequency signal that is yours alone to follow.

May you be blessed on your mission.

May you be courageous in answering the call.

And may you blossom like the plant reaching for the light.