“How Amazing Are All Your Forms”

by Chaplain Rachel Brott

October 2010

Chaplain Rachel Brott

I work as a cantor in a Synagogue. I have taken some of my favorite and lines from the Hebrew Prayers and put them together as a blessing that I will now share with you.

Vihina diglenu alecha ahava, Ufshaenu Techase BeAhava.

May we be as a banner of love to you,

May we take on your cause and do what we can in this world that you have created as you will.

Please cover over our sins with the garment of your Love Supreme.

May all difficulties, evil and negativity be changed into Sweetness and Rejoicing, Life and Peace.

May Truth and Calm accompany us, not fear, and may our prayers dissolve all obstacles.

Ba’avur kol ha tsadikim vehahasidim ha temimim vehayesharim.

Because of the merits of our Ancestors, the pure and honest ones full of Loving Kindness who came before us, are with us now, and will come after us.

Let us Harness the potency of your awesome name to raise ourselves up and Bless this world.

You hear the prayers of all who struggle.

Adam yesodo meafar, vesofo l’afar Benafsho yavi lahmo
mashul kheres hanishbar kehatzir yavesh.

Our source is dust and our end is dust.

By our lives, by our breath we bring forth our bread.

Our lives are like passing shadows.

May every breath we take be dedicated to making this world a better place.

Ma Gadlu, Ma’asecha Ya, Meod Amku Mahshevotecha

How amazing, are all your forms, I will never know how all of this was born.

From so deep an imagination, ushers forth a sweet intoxication.

Ma Gadlu, Ma’asecha Ya, Meod amku Mahshevotecha.

As delivered at Ordination, Sept. 25, 2010