Our Vision of CHI’s Role in the Interfaith Movement: A Class Brainstorm

by The CHI Student Community

October 2009

At the recent Interfaith module, students experienced a lively class brainstorm sparked by the question, “What is your vision for CHI’s role in the interfaith movement?” Here are their responses.


1.    Ordain ambassadors of interfaith diplomacy.

2.   Spark a quickening of the world’s spiritual metabolism.

3.   Re-vision theological education to serve our pluralistic world.

4.   Answer the call of the modern mystic.

5.   Co-create a spiritual commons.

6.   Nurture offshoots of the Great Source, in whatever way we understand that Source.

7.   Train grounded mystics.

8.   Cultivate the radiant heart.

9.   Push the boundaries of spiritual inclusiveness.

10. Cultivate connection and compassion within the wide spectrum of humankind’s spiritual and cultural palate.

11.   Provide spiritual support to people who fall outside the bounds of traditional religious institutions.

12.  Explore faith and cultural differences with loving, curious, interested, open hearts.

13.  Provide bountiful opportunities to participate directly in other faiths’ ways of worship.

14.  Invite and facilitate close encounters with the Great Mystery.

SOURCE:  A conversation about The Chaplaincy Institute and interfaith ministry, from Ken Homer’s June 2008 class, “A Theological Exploration of Interfaith Spirituality, Using the World Café Process.”