“Sage of All Creation, Mentor of All Souls”

by Rev. Elizabeth McCain, M.A.

June 2008

Rev. Elizabeth McCain

For the past month, while preparing for the Judaism module, I have been collecting and meditating on Jewish prayers. At the Am Kolel Shabbat morning service, in a small Jewish renewal community, I was particularly struck by this prayer:

“My God, the Soul
That you have placed within me is pure
You created her,
You formed her,
You breathed her into me,
And you watch her within me.
And you will take her from me
And restore her to me in the future.
All the time that the Soul is within me
May I offer thanks to You,
My God and the God of my ancestors,
Sage of all creation
Mentor of all Souls
Who restores breath to the lifeless.”

I also enjoyed attending an LGBT Stonewall Passover Seder. It was powerful to feel a connection with the story of the liberation of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, as we remembered and acknowledged that queer people are still struggling for our freedom. I think of many of my lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered sisters and brothers who have gotten lost in addictions, depression, and internalized homophobia. I remember my own struggles in coming out to my family, and the judgment and condemnation I received during that time.

There are certainly times when all of us forget who we are at our essence. We lose our soul connection. We doubt ourselves. We turn to addictions.

As interfaith ministers, my hope is that we can work, play and live a soul-directed life, rather than a life enslaved to the demands and fears of the ego. Sometimes we struggle with that, when our ego takes over in its need to control and be right. When we return to our essence, remember our Soul purpose, and radiate Divine love from that place, then we can truly inspire others.

Rabbi David Cooper, in his book God is a Verb, suggests that we imagine a light shining within. He says that if we close our eyes we can get a hint of this Soul Light glowing deep inside our being. Let’s take a moment to focus on our internal Soul Light…


Close your eyes and find that place…that wise Divine part of you that shines in beauty and in purity, no matter what happens. No matter what part of our wounded ego or family of origin or shadow parts may and will erupt in our psyche, we can always return to our Soul Light…Just keep feeling this presence of your Soul Light. This is the radiant Divine part of you. If you don’t feel or sense it, ask Spirit to help you access your Soul…Now recall a negative family belief that you still struggle with – something that interferes with your progress in your ministry or in any area of your life. It could be something like, “I’m not good enough”, or “I don’t belong here”, or “I must be perfect”, or  it could be an arrogant belief such as “I already know this”, or “I know more than this person.” Whatever the belief or story is, just gently acknowledge this. No need to judge yourself, just have awareness and consciousness about this wounded part of you…Now imagine your Soul, the wise eternal spiritual part of you gently having a conversation with the wounded more limited part of your ego. What wisdom and/or compassion does your Soul have for your hurt self? What does your wounded self long to hear?

Imagine that from the place of your Radiant Soul, you encourage your wounded Self and say:

“Dear one, I remind you that you are greater than you think you are. You are infinite and wise and loving. Return to your center. I send you Light and Love. Be grateful for your lessons of loss, confusion, and loneliness. I provide you with safety, security, courage, and love to help you move forward in your ministry and in all parts of your life. You are never alone. Always, you are connected to your Spiritual ancestors, to the Divine, and to your own tribe of like-minded Souls.

You do belong. You can release your limited family story. Your birthright is one of dignity and honor. You do know enough. You can share your wisdom. It is safe to shine…The world needs your light. Your Light is unique, a light that only you have from having faced your own challenges…You have faced the fire from your underworld of your initiation. You are ascending from your underworld of grief and pain. And now you can serve others in a whole new way. You are moving from a place of wounded healer to a place of wise healer. Own your power, dear one. And bring it out into the world.”


Breathe all of this wisdom and Light into all your cells at the deepest level. Feel and sense your own Tree of Life.

Know that your Soul calls all parts of you back into your original wholeness. You were never separate.

There is no place that is not your home. Remember this as you Re-member all parts of you.

May you always connect with your Divine Essence, your “yehidah”—your soul level that is most connected with unity.

May your duality and separation consciousness dissolve.

May you approach yourself, others, and the world with loving kindness.

May you dare to shine your Soul Light brightly.

And may you respond to the call of your gift and find the courage to follow its path.