Answering the Call


Answering the Call by Rev. Jennifer Howard June 2009 Rev. Jen Howard Like plants reaching for the light, we are all answering the call. By some instinct do we feel our way through life, trying to draw closer to the fulfillment of some un-named mission that is ours alone in the

The Heart of the Matter


The Heart of the Matter ​by Rev. Kathie McCutcheon October 2010 "Breathe in the pain, breathe on out the love, Let my heart be a place where this world is changed forever." (from the chorus of Michael Stillwater's song "breathe") In my preparations for interfaith ministry, I wrestled with some doubts and questions. How

Mirroring Each Soul


Mirroring Each Soul by Rev. Maryann De Simone, M.Ed. March 2008 Rev. Maryann De Simone I am so happy to be here with you today! Getting to ordination has been a really long journey. People have often asked me, “So, what are you going to DO when you get ordained?”  Even

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