Dream Art


Dream Art by Rev. Tristy Taylor August 2007 Rev. Tristy Taylor While facilitating my Dream Art Group (click to read more about the Dream Art Group), I have been spending a lot of time thinking about Spirit as it works in our dream lives and in the act of art-making as

Dream Archaeology


Dream Archaeology by Rev. Amy Brucker, M.A. August 2007 Rev. Amy Brucker Dream Archaeology is the waking-life investigation of images that surface while we sleep, or that unfold as we make our way through a dream (shamanic) journey. Dream Archaeology can help us validate our dreams and reveal the depths of

“Artful Blogging”—Creating A Daily Dream-Related Visual Arts Piece


"Artful Blogging"—Creating A Daily Dream-Related Visual Arts Piece by Rev. Amy Brucker, M.A. March 2008 Rev. Amy Brucker For the past few weeks I’ve made a shift in my approach to dream journaling, incorporating daily dream art. This has been exhilarating, illuminating and inspiring. A new phase in my blogging was

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