“That Adorable God Dwelling in the Heart”: Excerpts from Hinduism’s Upanishads


"That Adorable God Dwelling in the Heart": Excerpts from Hinduism's Upanishads November 2008 The Upanishads, one of Hinduism's most sacred texts, reaches through the mists of time with its gleanings about the nature of existence and the Oneness of All. The following selections hint at the treasures to be gleaned from a fuller

Music, Ministry and Spirit


Music, Ministry & Spirit Video by Rev. William Sewall & Rev. Jan Thomas “Music seems to be the bridge over the gulf between form and the formless.” —Hazrat Inayat Khan Jan's Note: Recently I facilitated a​ Sacred Song Circle​ with ​folks from the CHI community, which CHI alum Rev. ​Bill Sewall​ filmed. Afterwards he asked​ me to

20 Sayings of the Buddha from The Dhammapada


20 Sayings of The Buddha from The Dhammapada Rendered in Two Translations Below are 20 selected passages from two translations of The Dhammapada.( Plain text is the Dharma Publishing translation; Thomas Byrom’s Shambhala Publishing translation is in italics.) When multiple versions of the same passage are viewed alongside each other, one can almost hear the two

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