How does one hold space for another person while they explore expanded states of consciousness?

To serve those interested in deepening their knowledge, ChI Is excited to share The Guiding Presence. The experience of expanded awareness through varied practices and traditions can offer participants powerful spiritual and psychological growth. Experienced facilitation and clear guidelines are essential for doing the work and this program gives a great introduction to those important elements.

Please note that The Guiding Presence is an organization separate from The Chaplaincy Institute and is under separate leadership. ChI is not responsible for the content of the program or for the experience of participants. Participating in The Guiding Presence program does not lead to any kind of degree or certificate from The Chaplaincy Institute.

For those who are curious, The Guiding Presence program is a way to expand your knowledge and service to the greater spiritual community.
The Guiding Presence online program seeks to describe best practices in caring for those exploring expanded states of consciousness. . The presenters, seasoned practitioners with decades of experience, represent a diversity of approaches: shamanic orientations, Asian contemplative traditions, and Western spiritual and therapeutic disciplines. Collectively the presenters have been a guiding presence to well over 20,000 individuals who have explored expanded awareness in ceremonies, retreats and in individual sessions. Many of these presenters are trail-breaking pioneers in this space.

Presenters will describe how they:

  • Prepare participants

  • Design and conduct ceremonial and contemplative sessions

  • Hold the space of expanded awareness

  • Offer interventions that engage participants in expanded awareness

  • Assist participants in making meaning and integrating their experiences

  • Understand the nature of the unique subjective experience that arises in expanded states of awareness

Collectively, they provide a diverse overview of the practical wisdom they have gained holding space for others. We hope these presentations will challenge you to wrestle with your understanding of the guiding presence.

Program Logistics

The program content will be presented in a series of conversations available to you through a web-based portal. Many of these conversations will be immediately accessible and others will be released on a regular schedule. You will be able to stream this material at your convenience.

To learn more about this online program or to register, please visit The Guiding Presence website.

Many of the presenters in this seminar offer more extensive programs, classes, and workshops which offer excellent opportunities to deepen your understanding of accompanying people on their path.

Program Investment

This online program is being offered at a cost of $149.


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